Jack Marries Jill

Jack Marries Jill

Jack Marries Jill Wedding Advisory is a guide that will give you helpful information as you plan your special day.

You can follow along as Jack and Jill plan their wedding and share the helpful information they receive from wedding professionals.

Some of the venues Jack and Jill will be talking to are D.J.s and entertainment, wedding cakes and desserts, chapels, reception halls, photographers, and limousines just to name a few.

You will also receive wedding planning checklists, popular trends and wedding traditions as well as a few wedding do’s and don’ts.

The information will be sent out two to four times a month as Jack and Jill plan their wedding… and it’s all free!

If you, or someone you know, can use this helpful information send an email to steeno3@yahoo.com and get onto the mailing list if you aren’t already.

Jack & Jill